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Backoffice functional scenarios


Backoffice scenarios describe how to impact the customer experience in the backend through the eCommerce data management: catalog, prices, personalization, and many other topics.

Backoffice scenarios may intersect with the information that you can find in Customer journey steps description.

The difference is that Customer journey steps description is focused on customer scenarios, and Backoffice scenarios description is more focused on seller employee experience and data management. While in the end these both ways lead to the same information.

To use the Backoffice documentation you should just find the area that you are interested in and check related page(s) mentioned in the "Link" column.

Functional areas

Step Description Link
Product management Product infromation management, management of properties, variations, images, etc. Product management, Product variations, Manage product properties, Manage product search index, Product indexing, View product variations
Category management Functionality for catalog taxonomy management, incuding categories, properties, etc. Category management
Search management Search in Experience API for front end users; native integration with Azure, Elastic Search; plugin for fast integration with custom search engine Search on the front end, Module search, Azure search native integration, Elastic search native integration, Search engine architecture
DAM Managing assets Image tools, Asset management
Content management Since Virto Commerce is a headless eCommerce platform we recommend using third-party solutions for content management. Some limited content management capabilities are also available in Virto. Integrations, Content management
Price management Price lists management, granular prices assignment (prices personalization), solving complicated B2B2X pricing scenarios. Integration with third-party real-time or non real-time price engine Price module overview, Create price list, Assign a price list to the target audience, Assign a price to the product, Price export and import, Integration guide
Promotions management Setting promotions of different kinds targeted on different target audiences, applying coupons, conditions management. Extending promo engine by developers Creating and managing promotions, Out-of-the-box promotion rules, Target audience, Combinations of promotions
Inventory management Realtime inventory management, integration with ERP and other third-party data sources Inventory overview
Upsell and cross-sell management Upsell and cross-sell tools: products associations, dynamic products associations, personalization Products associations, Dynamic Product Associations, Personalization
Warehouses management Managing fulfillment centers and inventory Manage fulfillment center
Store management Managing stores (channels) in Virto Commerce, secified catalog targeting Stores, Virtual catalogs
Delivery management Shipment providers integration and management Shippment module
Order management Orders management, order statuses management, document-based model, order details Order management
User management Security management, users, roles, relation with cutomers and employees. Security, Contacts
Web analytics Sitemap management, store SEO settings, Google analytics integrations Sitemap mangement, Google analytics integratons, Store SEO settings, Category SEO management
Reporting Absolutely all data in Virto are available through the API. That is why we recommend using specialized reporting solutions that fit you best. One of the most common options that we recommend is Power BI by Microsoft. Integration guide
Localization / regionalization management Multi-language, multi-currency Manage lanuages in store, Permissions localization, Currency management, Catalog localization
Integrations How to integrate Virto Commerce with other solutions Architecture reference in Azure, Integration guide
Event bus extensibility Integrating and extending Virto with the event bus, low code development. VC extensibility with event bus, video 1,VC extensibility with event bus, video 2
Webhooks extensibility Integrating and extending Virto with the event bus, low code development. Webhooks

Last update: December 18, 2022