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Hotjar module allows you to assign Hotjar Site Id for a Store and get insights about the shopping behaviour of your users from Heatmaps, Recordings, Feedback and etc.

Key Features

  1. Store Configuration.
  2. Integarted with Vue B2B Theme and Virto Storefront.
  3. Ready for integration with other sales channels.
  4. Application menu.




First, Create and сonfigure Hotjar Account

Save your Site Id.

Hotjar Site Id

  1. Open Virto Commerce Back Office.
  2. Select Store and Open Store Settings.
  3. Find Hotjar section.
  4. Enable Hotjar and enter your Site Id.

hotjar store settings

Once you click Save for Store, the Hotjar will be activated.

Integration with Virto Storefront

Virto Storefront and Vue B2B Theme has native integration with Hotjar module.

Application Menu

The module adds Hotjar link into Application menu. It redirects to Hotjar Dashboard.

Hotjar App Menu

Integration with Custom Application

You can use either Store settings or Rest API to request Hotjar configuration for store.


Hotjar module defines two store settings:

  1. Hotjar.EnableTracking
  2. Hotjar.SiteId

Rest API

Get Hotjar Settings

Endpoint: /api/hotjar/{storeId}

Method: GET

Request parameter: Store Id.


  "enableTracking": true,
  "siteId": "2235345",
  "hotjarVersion": 6

Update Hotjar Settings

Use Store API to provide management above Hotjar Settings.

Hotjar Documentation

You can find more detail abot Hotjar in Hotjar Documentation.

Last update: February 1, 2024