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ShipStation fulfillment module enables synchronizing customer orders with ShipStation. That way new orders with shipments placed in VirtoCommerce will become available in ShipStation admin and changes of shipment status will be synced with VirtoCommerce orders.

Key features

  • Export orders specified by store
  • Updating order's and shipping's statuses when shipstation make an action

Current constraints

  • On order updating, all data is ignoring, only order's status will setted as 'Completed' and shipment status become 'Sent'. This can be cusomized by custom module).

Connecting to ShipStation


All operations are accessible via Rest API only. You will need to create an API Key and grant permission before the call. You need to grant ShipStation:read and ShipStation:update permissions.

Follow the steps provided in Connect to ShipStation section of ShipStation's Custom Store Development Guide.

Be sure that "URL to custom XML page" parameter points to your public Commerce Manager site and ends with /api/shipstation/{storeId}?api_key={ApiKey}:


Ensure to type corresponding order statuses from VirtoCommerce like "New", "Processing", etc.

Check "Bringing Orders into ShipStation" and "Send Shipping Notifications from ShipStation" sections on the same guide onwards.

API Specifications

Get Orders

ShipStation will use the following API for requesting order information:

    GET /api/shipstation/{storeId}?api_key={ApiKey}&action=export&start_date=[Start Date]&end_date=[End Date]&page=1 

Update Order

The POST call allows ShipStation to post shipment information back to your order.

    POST /api/shipstation/{storeId}?api_key={ApiKey}


This module has no settings defined as all integration actions are initiated from ShipStation system.

Last update: February 1, 2024