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Manage Contacts

Add A New Contact

  1. The user browses the Contacts Module-> clicks ‘Add’ and selects ‘Contact’;
  2. The system will open the ‘New Customer screen that displays the following fields and widgets:
    1. First name field- required;
    2. Last name field- required;
    3. Full name field- required;
    4. User groups drop down. The user can select one of the options available or add a new user group;
    5. Salutation field;
    6. Organizations drop down;
    7. Birthday date picker;
    8. Time zone drop down;
    9. Default language field;
    10. Taxpayer ID;
    11. Preferred communication;
    12. Preferred delivery;
    13. Widgets:
      1. Addresses;
      2. Emails;
      3. Phones;
      4. Changes.
    14. ‘Create’ button disabled by default.
  3. The user fills out the form and clicks the ‘Create’ button, which becomes active when all required fields are filled out;
  4. The system will create the new Contact;
  5. If the customer belongs to an Organization, his name will be displayed inside the Organization;
  6. If the customer does not belong to any Organization, his name will be displayed on the Contacts & Organizations list when the Contacts Module is browsed.

Fig. Add Contact

Fig. Add New Customer

Fig New Customer

Edit Contact Details

  1. The user opens the Contacts Module and selects the Contact;
  2. The system will open the Contact details in editable format;
    1. All fields and widgets are editable;
    2. The system displays additional widgets: 1. Accounts; 1. Dynamic properties; 1. Changes; 1. Indexing.
  3. The user makes the editing and saves the changes;
  4. The system will save the changes and display the updated Contact.

Last update: February 1, 2024