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Login on behalf


If you are an administrator or a support personnel on Virto Commerce based web store, you can log in under another user credentials. This functionality is called Login on Behalf. You may wish to do this to see what a user sees in the webpage, help to place an order and even make a payment on their behalf.


All operations are strictly logged to avoid possible claims from customers.

How it works

Login on Behalf feature which helps to increase the productivity of web store personnel. It also contributes significantly to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty while decreasing the number of abandoned carts.

When a user reports a problem with an order processing operation or a bug founded, support staff often need to look at the screen through the eyes of that person. This is especially important in cases where an error occurs in the application since it can be difficult to re-create the error.

Also, this “Login on Behalf” feature helps to efficiently work in-house on the site. For example, a more experienced admin can help a sale person to bulk adding of products from the Excel file, as well as perform other operations on the ecommerce site webpages.

Step by step instruction

into Virto Commerce Portal with Customer Support Account.

For example:


Role and permission should be created and assigned properly.

Select Contacts.

Use either full-text search or filter to find Customer. Ex: Oleg.

Select Accounts, select Account (one customer can have several logins to different stores) and click 'Login on behalf`.

Virto Commerce opens a new tab with storefront.


For security reason, need to re-enter you customer support login and password.

If all is OK, you will login on behalf into customer account.

And help customers to find the products, add products to the cart, complete the order, etc.


All actions will be insight customer account but for security reasons original Created by and Modified by will be triggered with Customer Support Account.

Last update: August 5, 2021