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Troubleshooting Incorrect Prices in Storefront

Since the Pricing Module enables adding multiple prices of the same currency to a single product, situations can occur where prices displayed in the Storefront catalog are not the ones expected. For example, say, you added a new price to your product but it does not show up in Storefront:

Wrong price

Here are the steps you can follow to find out why the correct price does not appear:

  1. Open the product with the wrong price in the Platform Catalog and open the Price widget.
  2. Make sure the new price is in the Price List.
  3. Open the new price Assignments list and make sure that the price has the assignment that conforms to the following conditions:

    • The Priority assignment is the highest among other price list assignments. Price with the highest priority assignment is used first.
    • The Catalog assignment references the correct catalog. For example, if the store your Storefront is configured to work with uses virtual catalog and the assignment points to a physical one (where the product actually is), the price will not be displayed. Alternatively, you can set the Store assignment instead of Catalog to avoid confusion.
    • If the assignment has any special conditions, make sure they are applicable. For instance, if the assignment has User Groups conditions, a customer should be added to the correct User Groups.
    • Build the product index and check the Storefront price.

    Assignment Correct Price Correct

Last update: February 1, 2024