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Export Function

Export Prices

The Pricing module includes Export functionality, which allows the user to export data using different export criteria. The following types of data objects are allowed to be exported from Pricing module:

  1. Prices;
  2. Price lists;
  3. Price list assignments.

The user can start the data export by filtering/selecting data and going to generic export wizard using Export button.

The Export function is integrated with the Pricing Module and provided out-of-the-box. The screenshots bellow show the main steps of the data export in Pricing module:

Export Price lists

The user can either select all the price lists available from the list as shown below:

Start Export

Export Prices

or select some specific price lists:

Three of ten selected

Pricelist export

Export Price list assignments

Export assignments

Price Assignments Export

For more details about Export functionality, please follow the link bellow to view the Generic Export Module document

Last update: February 1, 2024