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VirtoCommerce.Store module represents stores management system.

Key Features

  1. Multiple stores;
  2. SEO management;
  3. Individual payment and shipping methods;
  4. Tax providers management;
  5. Individual settings for each store;
  6. Customer account linking between stores;
  7. Store asset management.

A store in VirtoCommerce represents the collection of settings for the web page (storefront) to function correctly. That includes item catalog to showcase, available currencies, languages, payment methods, even UI themes, pages and much more. A default storefront as well as sample stores are provided by the VirtoCommerce team.

Virto Commerce platform is multi-store by design. This gives the ability to have and run multiple stores on the same system.

stores UI

Manage Stores

Add New Store

Edit Store Details

Edit Widgets


Installing the module: * Automatically: in VC Manager go to Configuration -> Modules -> Store module -> Install * Manually: download module zip package from In VC Manager go to Configuration -> Modules -> Advanced -> upload module package -> Install.


  • Stores.States - states that a store can be in (Open, Closed, Restricted Access, etc.);
  • Stores.SeoLinksType - determines how to generate links for products and categories. Long: /grandparent-category/parent-category/my-cool-category/my-cool-product, Short: /my-cool-product, None: /product/123.
  • Stores.EnablePriceRoundingForTotalsCalculation - enables or disables rounding of prices for calculating totals in the modules Order and Cart.

Available resources

Last update: February 1, 2024