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Adding New Catalog

In order to add a new catalog, the user should pass through the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Catalog Module and click the ‘Add’ button;
  2. The system will display the ‘New catalog’ blade and prompt the user to choose new catalog type; New catalog
  3. The user selects the ‘Catalog’ button;
  4. The system will display the next blade ‘Catalog details’ and the user will be prompted to enter the Catalog name and specify the languages;

New catalog

  1. The user enters the catalog name into the input filed and specifies the catalog languages by navigating to ‘Manage languages’ blade:

    1. The user selects the default language from the drop-down box;
    2. The user selects additional languages from the drop- down box;
    3. The user confirms selection by clicking the ‘OK’ button OR cancel the operation using the ‘Cancel’ button.
    4. The default and additional languages will be added to the new catalog.

Editing Default Language

  1. The user clicks the ‘Edit’ button located next to the ‘Default language’ value;

  2. The system will display the ‘Manage dictionary values’ screen;

  3. The user enters the new value, ex. Rus, into the ‘Enter value’ input text field and clicks the ‘Add’ button;

  4. The new value will be added to the list;

  5. The user clicks the ‘Save’ button;
  6. The system will save the changes made by user.

Fig. Enter New language

Fig. New language added

Deleting Language Value

  1. The user selects the language and clicks the ‘Delete’ button;
  2. The system will delete the selected value from the list.

Fig. Delete language

Last update: February 1, 2024