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Email notifications

Virto Commerce allows to send email notifications. To use this functionality the notification settings should be configured propertly.

How to configure email notifications


If use then need to do:

  1. Turn on Allow less secure apps here:
  2. Set Gateway is Smtp in Notifications options in Appsettings.json or Notifications:Gateway in Azure
  3. Then customize Smtp options:
    1. Fill SmtpServer and Port 587
    2. Set Login and Password
    3. like this in appsttings.json:
      "Gateway": "Smtp",
      "DefaultSender": "[email protected]",
      "Smtp": {
        "SmtpServer": "",
        "Port": 587,
        "Login": "[email protected]",
        "Password": "**** **** **** ****",
        "ForceSslTls": false
    4. or in Azure:
      • Notifications:Smtp:SmtpServer set
      • Notifications:Smtp:Port set 587
      • Notifications:Smtp:EnableSsl set true
      • Notifications:Smtp:Login set [email protected]
      • Notifications:Smtp:Password set **** **** **** ****

SendGrid's API

  1. Set Gateway is SendGrid Notifications options in Appsettings.json or Azure
  2. Then fill apikey in SendGrid options
    • looks like this in appsetting.json:
          "Gateway": "Smtp",
          "DefaultSender": "[email protected]",
          "SendGrid": {
              "ApiKey": "testapikey"
    • or in Azure:
      * Notifications:SendGrid:ApiKey set testapikey


Also you could check the emailing-services in IntegrationTests here

Last update: January 17, 2024