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Build automation

The vc-build contains a set of targets that are designed to automate the various build scenarios for solutions based on VirtoCommerce and moreover, thanks to builder-server agnostic nature and cross-platform support, it can be integrated into any existing CI/CD pipeline with different build services, or used for local development scenarios.

vc-build CLI


vc-build compile -configuration <Debug|Release>
Compile .NET Core solution.


  • -configuration <Debug|Release|CONFIGURATION> - Defines the build configuration. The default configuration for build on build server is Release, on the local machine is Debug, but you can override the build configuration settings in your project.


vc-build test (with no args)
Is used to compile the solution and runs all unit tests are discovered from the projects that are located in the solution folder and satisfied by this mask *.Tests|*.Testing.

Also, this target produces the test coverage and overall stats report.


vc-build test

Starting test execution, please wait...
A total of 1 test files matched the specified pattern.
Passed!  - Failed:     0, Passed:    48, Skipped:     0, Total:    48, Duration: 4 s - VirtoCommerce.CatalogCsvImportModule.Tests.dll (netcoreapp3.1)

Calculating coverage result...
  Generating report 'c:\Projects\VirtoCommerce\V3\Modules\vc-module-catalog-csv-import\.tmp\coverage.xml'
| Module                                    | Line   | Branch | Method |
| VirtoCommerce.CatalogCsvImportModule.Core | 77,17% | 73,38% | 72,83% |
| VirtoCommerce.CatalogCsvImportModule.Data | 56,47% | 52,15% | 56,86% |

|         | Line   | Branch | Method |
| Total   | 65,23% | 60,64% | 66,66% |
| Average | 66,81% | 62,76% | 64,84% |

Target             Status      Duration
Restore            Executed        0:04
Compile            Executed        0:08
Test               Executed        1:09
Total                              1:22


vc-build pack -configuration <Debug|Release> 

Builds the module solution and creates NuGet packages for all projects that have the <IsPackable> is set to True in the .csproj file.

The result of this target are NuGet packages that are stored by artifacts path of the module's root folder. If execute this target for the platform solution the version is taken from Directory.Build.props. If executes this target for a module solution, the version is taken from the module manifest file.


vc-build publishPackages -source <SOURCE> -apiKey <API_KEY>
Pushes the NuGet packages are discovered in the artifacts folder to the server specified by -source parameter and publishes it.


vc-build publishPackages -source C:\local-nuget 


  • -source <SOURCE> - Specifies the server URL. NuGet identifies a UNC or local folder source and simply copies the file there instead of pushing it using HTTP. If -source is not set the default NuGet server will be used.
  • -apiKey <API_KEY> - The API key for the server.


vc-build compress -configuration <Debug|Release>
Pack the build artifacts into a distribution bundle zip that is ready to be transferred to a developer platform instance or published. Executing this command in a module root folder will put the resulting zip into the artifact folder.

This target normally checks and excludes from the resulting zip all files which names are enumerated in these multiple sources:

  • global module.ignore file that is managed by the VirtoCommerce team
  • local module.ignore file that is taken from the root folder of the module


vc-build compress -configuration Release

Console output:

Target             Status      Duration
Clean              Executed        0:00
Restore            Executed        0:07
Compile            Executed        0:06
WebPackBuild       Executed        0:00
Test               Executed        0:05
Publish            Executed        0:01
Compress           Executed        0:01
Total                              0:23

Last update: June 24, 2021