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Quick start

Use this guide to deploy, configure and run precompiled Virto Commerce Platform on local machine.


The following prerequisites needs to be installed to deploy and run Virto Commerce.

Install CLI

vc-build is the official CLI for building, deploy releases, create and push packages, and package management for projects based on Virto Commerce.

  • Open new command line or terminal window

  • Install Virto Commerce CLI tools

    dotnet tool install -g VirtoCommerce.GlobalTool

  • We recommend to use Virto Commerce in HTTPS mode. .NET Core SDK installs the ASP.NET Core HTTPS development certificate, but it's not trusted. To trust the certificate, perform the one-time step to run the dotnet dev-certstool

    dotnet dev-certs https --trust


  • Create a clean folder for Virto Commerce for example C:\vc-platform

    mkdir C:\vc-platform

  • In the command line go to the vc-platform folder

    cd C:\vc-platform

  • Install platform and modules

    vc-build install

The vc-build install command creates a Virto Commerce platform or other artifacts based on a default template.


  • In the vc-platform folder open the appsettings.json file in a text editor.
  • Find a ConnectionStrings section and modify the VirtoCommerce node to your SQL server configuration accordingly:
        "ConnectionStrings": {
            "VirtoCommerce" : "Data Source={SQL Server URL};Initial Catalog={Database name};Persist Security Info=True;User ID={User name};Password={User password};MultipleActiveResultSets=True;Connect Timeout=30"


  • Run the VirtoCommerce platform using dotnet CLI command

    dotnet.exe VirtoCommerce.Platform.Web.dll --urls=https://localhost:5001
    dotnet.exe starts Virto Commerce platform, connects to database and creates tables.

    After that Virto Commerce platform is ready to accept API requests from any client.

  • To access Virto Commerce administrator portal go to: https://localhost:5001

  • Use the following credentials:

    Login: admin
    Password: store

  • I will ask if to prepare the platform with the sample data or leave it empty. Leave it empty. The data preparation will be described in the next guidelines.

  • It will also ask to change the password after the first login. Update password to the new one.

Last update: January 17, 2024