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The Modules can be accessed only by admin user who can view view the installed modules, new updates, install new modules or remove the installed ones.

View Modules

  1. Go to More->Modules;
  2. The system opens the 'Modules' blade that consists of the following blocks:

    1. Updates
    2. Available
    3. Installed
    4. Advanced Modules
    5. The 'Updates' block displays the available updates;
    6. The 'Available' block contains the list of available modules in VC that can be installed;
    7. The 'Installed' block displays the already installed modules in VC;
    8. The 'Advanced' block provides the possibility to upload a module from outside the Modules repository.

Install Modules

  1. Open the 'Available' blade and select the Module you want to install;
  2. The system will display the Module info with an enabled 'Install' button;
  3. Click 'Install';
  4. Confirm the module installation by clicking the 'Confirm' button on the 'Install confirmation' pop-up;
  5. The new module will be installed;
  6. The installed module will appear in the list of installed modules.

View Installed Modules

  1. Open the 'Installed' blade;
  2. The list of installed modules in VC will be displayed;
  3. All VC modules are checked with the green check sign. External modules have no such sign;
  4. The 'Uninstall' button is disabled by default, unless a module is selected;
  5. To view the Module info, simply click on the module and the system will open the 'Module info' blade.

Module Info

  1. The Module info blade displays the following information:

    1. Title;
    2. Developed by;
    3. Authors;
    4. ID;
    5. Version;
    6. Project information- link;
    7. Description;
    8. Platform version;
    9. Dependencies.
    10. Tags
    11. To view the project information, simply click on the corresponding link. Module info

Install/Update Module From File

  1. Open the 'Advanced' blade;
  2. Click the 'Upload' icon;
  3. Select the zip file on your local disk to upload;
  4. The system will upload the file and install the module (or update it).

Last update: June 9, 2020