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Viewing Catalogs and Physical Item Details

In order to view the list of catalogs in VirtoCommerce platform, the admin should pass through the following steps:

  1. Browse the Catalog module by navigating to the main menu and selecting ‘Catalog’;

  2. The system will display the list of all catalogs (common and virtual);

  3. The user selects one of the catalogs from the list;

  4. The system will display the categories included into the selected catalog;

  5. Selecting a category will result in displaying the list of physical items of the selected category.

Fig. View Catalog

Fig. View Catalog

Fig. View Catalog

In order to view the physical item details, the user should do the following:

  1. Select an item and click on it

  2. The system will display the following details:Fig. View Catalog

  3. Input fields:

    1. SKU;
    2. Priority;
    3. Name;
    4. GTIN;
    5. Min quantity;
    6. Max quantity;
    7. Vendor;
    8. Tax type.
  4. Buttons with possibility to switch on and switch off:

    1. Can be purchased;
    2. Store visible;
    3. Track inventory.
  5. Widgets:

    1. Properties;
    2. Associations;
    3. SEO;
    4. Descriptions;
    5. Variations;
    6. Assets;
    7. Indexed (hours displayed);
    8. Inventory;
    9. Price;
    10. Auto order schedule;
    11. Channels;
    12. Tags.

Fig. View Catalog

Last update: February 1, 2024