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The project "Experience API" it is primarily a intermediated layer between clients and enterprise services powered by GraphQL protocol and is tightly coupled to a specific user/touchpoint experience with fast and reliable access, it represents an implementation of Backend for Frontend design pattern (BFF).

The context diagram: image

Key concepts

  • Use GraphQL protocol to leverage more selective and flexible control of resulting data retrieving from API;
  • Fast and reliable indexed search thanks to integration with ES 7.x and single data source for indexed search and data storage (<= 300ms);
  • Autonomy. Shared nothing with rest VC data infrastructure except index data source;
  • Tracing and performance requests metrics.

Key features

How to use

Playground IDE

To explore the GraphQL API, you can use an interactive graphql-playground environment. To open playground console open ui/playground in the platform manager application.



POST https://{platform-url}/graphql
It accepts POST requests with following fields in a JSON body: - query - String - GraphQL query as a string - variables - Object - Optional - containing JSON object that defines variables for your query - operationName - String - Optional - the name of the operation, in case you defined several of them in the query

Here is an example of a GraphQL query:

$ curl -X POST http://localhost:10645/graphql \
  -H "Content-Type:application/json" \
  -H "Authorization:Bearer ..." \
  -d '{"operationName":null,"variables":{},"query":"{ product(id: \"019e93d973cd4adab99b6f9cbb4ca97a\") { name }}"}'

Getting started

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How to extend

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Where to find logs

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The project has integration with Elastic Search 7.x and Azure Search Service providers for indexing search.

Lucene search provider not supported.

Last update: February 1, 2024