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The official CLI .NET Core GlobalTool for building, deploy releases, create and push packages, and manage environments for projects based on VirtoCommerce. Is powered by A cross-platform build automation system with C# DSL.

Publish a new version

Incerment package version in _build.csproj

dotnet pack .\vc-platform\build\_build.csproj  --configuration Release --include-symbols --output .\vc-platform\artifacts /property:SymbolPackageFormat=snupkg
dotnet nuget push VirtoCommerce.GlobalTool.{version}.nupkg  -s -k {api key}


To use VirtoCommerce.GlobalTool install the package:

dotnet tool install VirtoCommerce.GlobalTool  -g

Update to latest version

For update VirtoCommerce.GlobalTool to the latest version you need to run this command

dotnet tool update VirtoCommerce.GlobalTool -g


To use VirtoCommerce.GlobalTool by invoke the tool using the following command: vc-build

To get the all list of targets

vc-build help
Command output

NUKE Execution Engine version 0.21.2 (Windows,.NETStandard,Version=v2.0)

Target with name 'help' does not exist. Available targets are:
  - Clean
  - Compile
  - Compress
  - MassPullAndBuild
  - Pack
  - Publish
  - PublishModuleManifest
  - PublishPackages
  - Release
  - Restore
  - SonarQubeEnd
  - SonarQubeStart
  - StartAnalyzer
  - SwaggerValidation
  - Test
  - WebPackBuild


The target is used to create a redistributed zip archive for a module or platform. After executing, it placed resulting zip in the artifacts folder. To execute this target, you need to run this command in the root module folder of the cloned from GitHub repository.

vc-build compress

console output

Target             Status      Duration
Clean              Executed        0:00
Restore            Executed        0:07
Compile            Executed        0:06
WebPackBuild       Executed        0:00
Test               Executed        0:05
Publish            Executed        0:01
Compress           Executed        0:01
Total                              0:23

Last update: June 9, 2020