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Pages and Blogs Management


In order to edit the pages in VC Content module, the admin should select the Store and then click on 'Pages'. The system will display the 'Pages list' blade and allow the admin to manage each page from the list. The following actions are allowed by the system:

  1. Download the file that contains page content;
  2. Copy link;
  3. Rename the page name;
  4. Delete the file that contains the page content;
  5. Upload new file;
  6. Add new file;
  7. Create new folder.

Managing the pages on admin side will result in changing the content and view on the Storefront.

Manage pages

Edit Page

To edit the page, the admin should select a page from the list and click on it. The system will open the 'Edit Page' blade.

Markdown tab

The Markdown tab consists of the Markdown subtab and Preview. Here you can add and edit the Page text.

Edit Pages

Preview text

Metadata tab

Here you can edit the page settings



The admin can use the Blogs widget in VC Content Module to post news on the Storefront. The blog content should be created in markdown and then published so that it can be viewed on Storefront.

View Blogs list


Edit Blogs

Edit Blogs

Edit Blog Content

Blogs Content

Last update: February 1, 2024