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Grab migrator utility quickstart

Purposes of this tool: 1. Grab EF-migrations from platform and modules as SQL idempotent scripts (safe to apply repeatedly over early applied); 1. Apply migrations accordingly to specific data sources and in specific order without installed platform and source codes; 1. Two grabbing modes: v2->v3 upgrade scripts, all scripts; 1. Apply scripts in one transaction per each module.

1. How to run

vc-build GrabMigrator --grab-migrator-config <configfile>

2. Grabbing migrations from platform and modules

1. Checkout platform/modules source codes

2. Ensure you have dotnet-ef tool installed. If not, reference to (dotnet tool install --global dotnet-ef)

3. Prepare grab config file accordingly to this scratch:

  "MigrationDirectories": [
  "StatementsDirectory": "Statements"
Nodes explanation: | Node | Description | | - | -- | | MigrationDirectories | Directories where tool will search for migrations. One or more paths. | | StatementsDirectory | There the tool will store grabbed sql statements. One file for every module. Default is 'Statements'. | | Mode | 'V2V3' or 'All'. Upgrade platform v2 to v3 scripts or all scripts should be grabbed. Default is 'V2V3'. |

4. Run the tool, wait a lot, sql files appearing in StatementsDirectory.

5. Look into config file: ConnectionStringsRefs node appeared.

3. Applying migrations to a different databases

1. Have prepared statements to apply

2. Prepare apply config file accordingly to this scratch:

  "ApplyingOrder": [
  "PlatformConfigFile": "D:\\AK\\Code\\Projects\\VC3-DEV-CORE3\\vc-platform\\src\\VirtoCommerce.Platform.Web\\appsettings.json",
  "StatementsDirectory": "Statements",
  "CommandTimeout": 30,
  "Grab": false,
  "Apply": true
Nodes explanation: | Node | Description | | - | -- | | ApplyingOrder | An order the tool will use to apply scripts sequentally | | PlatformConfigFile | A place where platform config is. This used to discover connection strings for every module | | StatementsDirectory | There stored previously grabbed sql statements. One file for every module. | | CommandTimeout | Command timeout in seconds | | Grab | Switches the tool to grab mode (if true) | | Apply | Switches the tool to apply mode (if true) |

3 Copy node ConnectionStringsRefs from grab config file to apply config file.

4. Run the tool

Last update: February 1, 2024